Currently in a period of research & development, Briggs and Hawkins are collaborating to create a new 20-30 minute performance work by men, about men.


Briggsyproduces & Hawk Dance Theatre get HandsON with men and mental health, with an honest and intimate outdoor performance experience. 

Developed for up to 30 people, this audiovisual dance theatre work invites audiences into an immersive world that sees them become active observers of someone else's malfunction.

Connecting to people across outdoor and public spaces, the piece will explore what it means to be a man in today’s society, and why, in British culture, men are still discouraged from showing raw emotion publicly.

Experienced via wireless headsets set to an original sound score by composer Lee Affen and incorporating discussions with men from a variety of backgrounds, watch as three male performers bear witness to the things that aren’t usually said out loud.

#ItsOkToTalk #MentalHealth #Men