Halfway Reflections…

Speaking to men through this research phase has been interesting, heart warming and hilarious. I feel lucky to have encountered and shared conversations with such a rich variety of men, but one thing feels consistent throughout… people struggle interacting.. with their emotions, other peoples emotions and just new situations in general.

What has been amazing about what we’ve been doing so far is that we really have been starting conversations to open up doors. Opening doors to the idea that it’s alright to speak to other men about how you feel and what’s going on inside. It’s been intense for all of us in the studio, we’ve found ourselves slowly opening new doors and releasing the lid on things that we didn’t even know were there. HandsON is in full swing!

We are halfway through this R&D period and feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface on something with the potential to connect with audiences on many levels. Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been at Salford University in their lovely studios – on the way we’ve been joined by lots of talented people who are contributing to this project. So far we’ve said hello to Ede, Lee, David, Clare, lots of men, some professional dancers from Manchester area, and more

In our trio, (Myself, Ant and Ede) we are beginning to find a shared movement language and new ways of creating together. Through tasks, improvisations and play we’ve connected to the way each of us move and discovered exciting ways to feed that into our process going forwards. Lee has been a dream to work with – feeding off our ideas with captivating and entrancing sounds that begin to create the world for our new show. We’ve been literally jumping and running around the studio with excitement for the technology and audio element the show – it’s going to be intimate, personal and immersive!

David has been creating some gorgeous film ‘stuff’ for us.. and for you, to see what we’ve been up to. Clare joined us for a day of mentoring and advising, her thoughts helped us to refine our interests and keep us focused in the right areas. I’d say we’re flowing nicely so far (that is until 3pm strikes and I begin to need coffee/sugar!)

We’re taking a breath from HandsON for 2 weeks now (to digest/to reflect) before we jump straight into the final 2 weeks of studio time. Next up we’re on Ant’s home turf at Ludus Dance.

One of my favourite comments from a consultation session so far…

“What is the best thing about being a man?”

“You don’t have to go through childbirth….”

Don’t forget we have open professional class on Thursday 17th August, 9-10.30 (£3). Email ant@briggsyproduces.co.uk to book.


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