HandsON: Black holes & Butterflies

Let’s talk about young people’s mental health.


In 2017 Ludus Dance supported us with space and time to help us R&D a new performance work.

Initially created with men’s mental health in mind, subsequent HandsON test shows demonstrated its wider appeal, speaking on behalf of and resonating with a variety of other groups, including men.

Excited at its potential for reaching a wider and younger audience, initial discussions in late 2018 have resulted in HandsON: Black holes & Butterflies

With mental health problems affecting 1 in 10 children, we want to see how we can use dance, digital technology and live performance to support young people 11+, helping them better deal with the demands of a digital society.

We will be in residence at Ludus Dance for three days between the 18th & 20th of February, where we will work with Artistic Director Anthony Briggs to adapt and test a new version of the work for younger audiences.

On the 26th February we will take the show to a group of targeted young people in Kendal.

For more information on the first phase of HandsON go to – www.hands-on.show.co.uk. Or, why not check out Hawk Dance Theatre – https://www.hawkdancetheatre.com/

Stay tuned for further updates and developments.


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