Nearly there…

This week we’ve been in residence at Ludus Dance in Lancaster, edging closer and closer to our goal… a new piece of outdoor work.

After two weeks off for time to reflect, we entered the studio on Monday with a new energy and focus for ‘HandsON’.  We spent our first day revisiting material with a clearer vision about what it is in relation to what we are trying to communicate. We began new creative tasks and played with new elements of technology to enhance the overall look of the work. Having Sound Composer Lee Affen in the studio has been an absolute luxury! Feeding off each other’s energy has helped the work take shape – with both the movement and sound elements working together coherently.

On Tuesday we were joined by Jenny Reeves, a local independent choreographer, who offered us her thoughts and opinions as an audience member. It was great as we were able to hear what it was like for someone to enter this world for the first time. She commented that it was “a special and personal experience”. We spoke about the journey, structure and what part the audience, technology and performers play. Lots of information to digest and build upon.

Wednesday was a day of play where we saw the piece really take a new direction. With a lighter and more playful look at the opening, the rest of the piece started to feel like it had room to breathe.

We kicked off Thursday with a professional class where we were joined by some lovely and open local dance professionals.  After a rigorous class we invited them to view an extract of the piece. Allowing individuals in at this stage is naturally quite daunting, however after the sharing we came out with some great feedback for moving our ideas forward.

It’s Friday today and our last day at Ludus Dance.  We are currently bringing all the loose ends together for our final week at Yorkshire Dance by finalising the music with Lee.  We are also continuing to discuss journey, audience and concept.

We’re all feeling excited in anticipation on what another week in the studio will bring as we head to Yorkshire Dance.

Come and join us for open class on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th from 9:00-10:30am (£3). Also, we’re inviting people to come and see a sneak peek of the work on Friday 25th at 3:00pm. Booking essential:

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