Professional Reviews & Testimonials

Emergency Festival 2017

'The two performances I enjoyed most were movement-based. ‘HandsON’ from Briggsy and Hawk Dance Theatre was a dance performance with an element of intimacy and an immersive layer via audio transmitted through headphones. Three male dancers explore the crushing pressures placed on men to behave in a certain way. They move around...' - Circles & Stalls

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'Briggs & Hawk Dance Theatre – HandsON – An immersive performance using headphones, three dancers weave through the audience to explore male behaviour and why we don’t express our emotions in public.  Intimate and engaging.' - Quiet Man Dave

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Audience Feedback

'Loved the intimacy and beauty of #HandsON - gorgeous experience.' - Audience member

'Really beautiful work!!! Moving.  Loved it guys well done.' - Audience member

'I should say that most of what I saw @z_mcr #EmergencyMcr was incredible, especially #HandsON a creative dissection of masculinity.' - Audience member

'Such a lovely performance! #HandsOnShow Powerful, endearing and touching.' - Audience member

'An important work bringing attention to the current social situation.  Powerful and emotive performance.' - Audience member

'Made it to #HandsOnShow intimate outdoor show revealing layers of male vulnerability, great work!' - Restoke

'Beautiful work.  Connecting, noticing and observing.' - Lisa Cullen (University of Salford)

'Loved the show; entertaining, thought-provoking and witty.' - Audience member